Autofit Garage Network

talleres-autofit1With over 20 years’ experience, this prestigious firm is also located in Spain to cover all the needs of garages that wish to be independent, but that at the same time want to profit from the advantages of an internationally renowned brand. These garages will find help and support in Autofit to manage their businesses more efficiently. Competence, personality and quality are the terms that define Autofit’s character and the characteristics of our mutual success.

The concept of Autofit arose in 1995 and has done nothing but grow since then. Since its foundation in Germany, the network of garages has managed to autofit1extend to other countries autofit1in Europe, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Holland, among others, and to achieve a network of over 2,000 associates. Every professional who wishes to improve themselves and to be recognised as part of a prestigious network, without losing their own identity, should join Autofit.