cristaleria1When referring to active safety of a vehicle, the main element is rarely considered: adequate vision of the driver; not only towards the front but also to the sides, and for this reason it is very important that the windscreen and windows are in perfect condition, without impacts, cracks or scratches.

Glass may crack suddenly: a small blow or change in temperature can make an impact crack, regardless of how long it has been in the glass, and can even stop the vehicle in its tracks at the least expected time. An impact to the windscreen can reduce its resistance by up to 60%, as well as reducing visibility. The glass of the windscreen is panelled, i.e. it is made of several sheets or layers to improve its resistence and consequently its durability; finally, we have to keep in mind that because of its place, the risk of receiving an impact during driving is very high.

They can be slightly tinted to reduce sunlight, but this tint must not be excessive to enable optimal vision in reduced visibility conditions (nighttime, rain, etc.) Currently, many vehicles include the so-called rain sensor; this device activates the windscreen wipers and adjusts their speed automatically when it detects water.

Heated window panes are those that include an electric device to stop them from steaming up. Usually this device goes on the rear window and works by passing current through filaments that heat up the glass to evaporate the accumulated steam.

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