encendido1Ignition refers to the elements involved in the starting up of the engine and those involved in the engine’s maintenance. The main elements are: battery, ignition, starter motor, coil, distributor, cables and spark plugs, glow plugs and the alternator.
The battery provides the necessary electricity for the engine to start and for the electric and electronic components that need continuous power when the ignition is switched off (clock, radio, dashboard, etc.) and is charged by the alternator.

The ignition is a switch that activates the starter motor and all the electric and electronic components of the vehicle.

The starter motor generates a certain number of revolutions (minimum 50 rpm) in the engine to enable it to start, within the Otto cycle (4 strokes).
The coil is an electric voltage transformer; the nominal voltage of the battery is not sufficient for the spark plug to generate the necessary spark for combustion, and the coil must transform this nominal voltage to 30,000 volts or more in modern vehicles; consequently, the coil is essential to the functioning of petrol engines.

The distributor, commonly known as the delco, is responsible for supplying the electric current to the spark plugs in the exact moment in which the spark must be made for the combustion; currently modern engines no longer include it, as this supply is carried out by the electronic control unit.
Cables and spark plugs. Cables carry the electric current from the coil, through the distributor to the spark plugs for these to generate the spark that enables the fuel combustion.

Glowplugs or heaters are responsible for preheating the diesel, in diesel engines, before starting when the engine is cold; this preheating is not necessary in modern direct injection diesel engines, as the diesel is heated by the high pressure generated by the pump; however, the glowplugs still preheat the diesel to avoid cold engine failure.

The alternator is a current generator that supplies the necessary electricity for the various components of the vehicle when the engine is running; it also charges the battery.

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