iluminacion1The vehicle’s headlights must provide good visibility. To be seen is just as important as having a good vision of the road, and for this reason signals to other drivers and road lighting are essential to road safety in all driving and atmospheric conditions.

The evolution of headlights in vehicles resides in the Xenon gas discharge technology, adjusting headlights (that “turn” in the same direction as the vehicle), headlights that auto-adjust their height, and the development of new rear light cover designs.

Xenon gas discharge headlights produce a whiter, brighter light; they are twice as powerful and have a scope 60% wider than the reflective system and incandescent filament of traditional halogen headlights. The result is a brighter, more effective light that covers the full width of the road, while reducing consumption by 30% and multiplying the bulb lifespan by five.

Incandescent bulbs are an essential element of lighting and can be of 6V, 12V or 24V depending on the nominal voltage of the vehicle battery.

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