mantenimiento1Maintenance elements are the parts of a vehicle that are regularly replaced, within a predefined programme and limited mileage or time period parameters, as their wear has a negative effect on the engine’s functioning. The most important elements are: engine lubricant, filters, spark plugs and belts.

The basic functions of a lubricant are: reduction of friction, heat dissipation and pollutant dispersion. Designing a lubricante for these purposes is a complex task that requires a careful balance of properties, both of the base oil and of the additives.

Oil, air and fuel filters are responsible for filtering any impurities that may cause irreparable damage or wear to the engine, which means their lifespan is limited. The bad condition of these parts is detrimental to the engine’s performance. The cabin filter, also called anti-dust filters, are responsible for filtering all air that enters the vehicle both through heating and air conditioning; if they are in bad condition, air quantity and quality decrease, and the passengers’ comfort is substantially affected.

Spark plugs in petrol engines are responsible for creating a spark for the fuel to combust; this happens before the top dead center, so that the combustion finishes as the piston starts lowering. The thermal characteristics of spark plugs are fundamental to their functioning and consequently to the engine’s functioning. The thermal value of spark plugs is the difference between absorbed heat and released heat.

There are two types of belts: accessory belts and timing belts. An accessory belt “moves” external elements (alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, etc.) that are necessary to the functioning of the engine or the passengers’ comfort. The timing belt is responsible for moving the camshaft in time with the crankshaft; it can also “turn” the water and fuel pump.

Other maintenance elements are windscreen wipers, brake fluid and anti-freeze; like those previously mentioned, these elements must also be replaced regularly.

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