Made by HELLA with the backing of the AKZO NOBEL group, we have the full range of SONNE products including colour: 64 basic colours with which we achieve over 75000 formulas. We have a spectrophotometer for the closest possible match.

We have everything you need, both from the SONNE brand and our personal brand METALTECH, to give your work the best possible finish, with the best quality at the most competitive price. Among these products, we highlight our repair putty, base coats and varnishes.

Painting accessoriespintura3
We work with large brands such as SAGOLA, 3M and ANEST IWATA, and we also have sanders, weather strips and other products to treat and repair bodywork. IMPORMOVIL has 6 specialised technicians to provide equipment and resolve the possible difficulties of everyday work.

Service, enthusiasm and responsibility is what we offer our clients.

We have paint and auxiliary products (putty, water-based primer, varnish, water-based chip protector, polishes…) by the best manufacturers.