suspension1Bilstein shock absorbers are our star product, renowned worldwide. They are racing absorbers adapted to road vehicles, because every car deserves Bilstein. They come in two different versions:

– Yellow range: these improve the car’s performance and efficiency, and can even adapt it for racing.

Black range: the perfect alternative to road vehicle absorbers.

amortiguador-bilsteinPressurised gas makes all the difference. We have been developing single-tube pressurised gas absorbers for series production for over 60 years. This technology consists in keeping the oil of the absorber under pressure, which prevents the formation of foam when the temperatures and weight increase. As a result, full absorbing power is maintained even when the system is placed under an extreme strain.

Bilstein guarantees a high traction level and more precise steering. An essential tool for powerful sports absorbers. Increased security in all dynamic driving situations.

Bilstein is the reference in technology and quality, and offers the appropriate absorber for any category:

“The aim is each day’s path, pure entertainment day after day.” PRIVATE MOTORISTS
“To arrive with uncompromised performance.” PROFESSIONALS
“There are many fast drivers, only a few will be legends.” RACING