competicion1Whenever your connections, dimensions or requirements do not match up to standard values, you can have a shock absorber specifically made for your racing car.

With our MDS system (Modular Damper System), we can come up with personalised solutions for special projects. Different shock absorbers are available, such as Coilover shock absorbers and struts. The types of connectors range from the standard Unibal, which includes the plug and connections, to a whole spectrum of alternatives. In the range of struts, the outer tube is available with a clamp or a bracket.

  1. Motorsport Modular Damper System MDS
    • Individual characteristic shock absorption
    • Configurable setting range
    • The 10 well-defined clicks
    • Low hysteresis
    • Low friction
    • Perfect reproducibility
    • Easy to handle
    • Configurable standard dimensions
    • Dimensioning as requested by the client
  2. MDS 860
    • Light weight
    • Good stability and mean strength
    • Piston diameter 36 mm
    • Piston workspace of 863mm²
    • For medium compression forces, up to 2500N
  3. MDS 1500
    mds1500-1• Strong, lightweight design
    • Good stability under high pressure
    • Piston diameter 46 mm
    • Piston workspace of 1508mm²
    • For high compression forces, up to 5000N

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