elevadores1In a garage, the most used piece of equipment is undoubtedly the lift, which means it must be of good quality, lasting, reliable and safe.

Depending on the workplace and the use made of the lift, it can be a scissor lift, double scissor lift, with one or two arms, with two or four posts, raised, electrohydraulic, electromechanical, with one or two motors, etc.

Depending on the type of vehicle you want to lift, it can be of a higher or lower tonnage; we have traditional lifting systems available such as hydraulic jacks, motorbike lifts and various types of stands, up to 50 tonnes for specific lorry lifts.

Acquiring a good lift is important, but having a fast, reliable after-sales service, which replies straight away and puts itself in our place, is even more important.
Don’t compromise, and ask our specialists for information.

We have scissor lifts, double piston lifts, parallelogramme lifts, heavy tonnage lifts, two-post lifts, platform lifts, motorbike lifts, jacks and accessories by the best manufacturers.