Wheel Balancing

equilibrado-ruedas1The aim of wheel balancers is for the wheel to turn smoothly; to achieve this, any forces or inertia produced when the wheel and the tyre work together must be remove.

Balancing is a process designed to remove the vibrations of the wheel as it turns, avoiding these vibrations being transmitted to the steering and steering wheel. Correct balance also avoids premature wear of the tyres, suspension and steering components and tyre treads. For this reason, it is essential to use good tools to avoid problems that may arise after changing the customer’s tyres.

At Impormovil we can advise you on which of our various models is the ideal balancing machine for the specific use of your garage; call us for no obligation advice.

We have balancing machines for motorbikes, road cars and industrial vehicles, as well as the necessary tools and accessories to complete the appropriate equipment.