For all Products bought from Impormovil (including orders placed via the website) the Customer will benefit from the legal guarantee corresponding to the specific Product type, and Impormovil will manage the processing of the guarantee with the manufacturer.

Comercial Impormovil informs its customers that accepting or refusing to guarantee products is the responsibility of the manufacturers, after the quality controls the manufacturer has in its guarantee management protocols.

Comercial Impormovil (distribution company) will manage and/or process any claims regarding product guarantees towards manufacturers.

The guarantee management procedure does not have a fixed time limit; for their resolution, Comercial Impormovil makes available to customers its branch network to track guarantee claims or, centrally, the Customer Service department at the following number: +34 91 804 36 49.

To start the guarantee management protocol, the customer must provide the delivery note and/or the purchase invoice of the Product. This protocol establishes that the customer will provide a document that supports the return of the product.

All products have a guarantee, but they do not all have the same guarantee; in all cases they are conditioned by the laws and rules of the European Community, and in some cases by rules specific to the national territory.

Guarantees do not cover:
The replacement of consumables such as: lightbulbs, windscreen wipers, fuses, etc.

The incorrect use of products or their use for other purposes than those for which they were designed, or their fitting in models not mentioned by the manufacturer.

Intensive use of the products, for example used for “racing”, unless the products were designed for competitive use.