historia1In 1873 the first stone was laid for the building of the BILSTEIN innovations workshop, but at the time nobody could have guessed the enormouse success that the company would achieve. It all started with the production of window fittings and then, in 1928, automobile technology became the main focus of the business. In 1954 came our greatest success: Hans Bilstein discovered the huge potential contained in Bourcier de Carbon’s idea for a monotube shock absorber using high pressure gas. Since then, we have been a key piece of the history of the automobile. World-famous car makers such as Mercedes-Benz have been placing their trust in our innovative strength and the quality of our products for over half a century now.

  1. 1957 – Assembly-line production
    Assembly line manufacturing of hydraulic shock absorbers for Mercedes-Benz.
  2. 1961 – Porsche Formula 1
    First use of BILSTEIN shock absorbers in Porsche Formula 1 cars.
  3. 1983 – McLaren Formula 1
    Development of a completely computerised shock absorber for McLaren Formula 1 cars.
  4. 1990 – Electronic control
    Development of the first semi-active shock absorber systems using electronic control.
  5. 1996 – Production of electronic controls
    Production of the first electronically controlled active shock absorber systems.
  6. 1999 – Production of pneumatic springs
    The first DampMatic for Mercedes-Benz and DampTronic for Porsche on the market.
  7. 2004 – DampMatic and DampTronic
    Innovadores DampMatic para Mercedes-Benz y DampTronic para Porsche en el mercado.
  8. 2005 – Production of pneumatic springs
    Assembly-line production of the innovative pneumatic springs systems for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
  9. 2006 – Adjustment system
    The BILSTEIN 816 PSS 10 adjustment system sets a new standard.
  10. 2007 – Electronic adjustment system
    Introduction of the innovative BILSTEIN 816 ridecontrol electronic adjustment system.
  11. 2016 – Recognition by the Press
    In successive years since 2008, readers of “Auto motor und Sport” and “Motor Klassik” magazines have chosen BILSTEIN as the best brand in the category “sports car suspension / springs and shock absorbers”.