logistica-1Our logistic structure enables us to provide any kind of service or part to any part of the Spanish territory.

Every day, our 220 delivery vehicles dispatch over 100,000 references that our branches have in stock.

Our investment in IT tools and control systems makes the provided service equally efficient, reliable and personalised, every day of the year and all over the country.

Our logistic aim is customer satisfaction, via the delivery of products and services. Excellent logistics means that the design of our warehouses, the people who handle the products and the tools they do so with, the packaging and the later transport have to work in an attuned way, in unison, in order to provide the customer with everything they need, when they need it and in the required quantity.

The team that makes up the logistics department has been evolving for over 35 years in order to carry out its work in a more professional and efficient way each day.

Satisfying the customers’ needs means making no mistakes in the delivery of the material, every day, in any moment in which the need may arise.