filosofia-1Among our objectives, apart from that of offering a good product at competitive prices, is that of helping our customers to strive in the difficult industry of car parts. Thanks to this, we belong to the Temot International network, an international group of companies dedicated to car part distribution which leaders its respective markets in over 50 countries where it is present.

icon-temot1As a member of Temot International we offer our customers a variety of added value to the product. Our managers and those of all the companies that make up this conglomerate work together, within their specific fields, to share experience and knowledge that enable to create teams in constant improvement for each area. Specific solutions for particular problems..


1Offering the best service quality, at the best price and with personalised treatment.
2Establishing a close relationship with our customers that helps to exchange knowledge.
 3Innovating on a day to day basis to adjust to the new needs that can arise over the years.