Return Procedure

Comercial Impormovil’s customers, including website users for the online ordering process, have a procedure at their disposition to return merchandise.

To start the merchandise return process the customer has the following options:
– Making a telephone call to our branch network.
– Sending a fax to a fax number of our branch network.
– Sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of our branch network.
– When the customer believes it appropriate, they can also send a letter by post to the following address:

Departamento de Atención del Cliente
Asunto Desistimiento
AV de la Industria nr 25
28760 Tres Cantos

To start the return procedure, it is implied that the customer has to provide the delivery note/invoice of the merchandise.
In which cases?

The customer must provide a copy of the delivery note and/or the invoice supporting the delivery.

Once the return procedure has started, Impormovil will remove the merchandise from the customer’s address by the same method as it was delivered. The customer has the right to ask for a document certifying the delivery of the merchandise to start the return procedure.

Once in the Comercial Impormovil premises, the merchandise will undergo a quality control to check its condition.

Honesty is expected on the part of the customers in this procedure, in that the merchandise has not been altered, that the customer has not tried to fit it in a vehicle, that it has no other origin than the initial delivery by Impormovil; in such cases Comercial Impormovil will communicate the reason(s) for cancelling the return procedure to the customer.
Merchandise that once received by the customer, has suffered damage to the box or packaging to the point of not being presentable, is expressly excluded from the return procedure.

Orders of customised merchandise, which Impormovil has to order from third parties in its efforts for customer service, are expressly excluded from the return procedure; in these cases Comercial Impormovil will inform the customer before delivery of the merchandise of the impossibility to return the article.