Sales and Professional Distribution

vdp-1Impormovil is also a provider of professional distribution; we have a specific department with qualified staff to serve part shops with the necessary experience and trust to understand their problems and to suggest plans of action to them in order to improve profitability.

  • Support from our Logistic Centres and Warehouses.
  • We work with the most prestigious brands of the trade.
  • We offer any range/product that the vehicle may need.
  • We have our own TECDOC catalogue available for consultation.

We are prepared to attend any type of request in professional distribution, or we adapt to the needs of the professional distribution market, and thanks to this we can provide for various types of customers:

  • Shops that only require replacements or missing parts.
  • Shops with general contracts and agreements.
  • Partner shops to work in exclusive zones (DAIs).

We also work with over 100,000 references and we make our warehouses and logistic centres available to you so that you can strive in this increasingly competitive market.

Our commitment is to be an associate, an ally against the large original part networks.

Why have a Sales and Professional Distribution department?

  1. 1. To have large warehouses available
    The Sales and Professional Distribution department covers all the needs that may affect spare part distributors, through any of the 45 warehouses owned by Impormovil, located throughout the Spanish territory.
  2. 2. Fixed Assets
    The Sales and Professional Distribution department, through Impormovil’s logistic centres, works with over 70,000 references that it stocks and distributes among branches.
  3. 3. Trained Expert Staff
    The Sales and Professional Distribution department has the support of the Impormovil expert call-centre, who along with the senior staff provide a quality, trustworthy service.
  4. 4. Technology
    The Sales and Professional Distribution department have their own electronic catalogue that enables shops to look at the stock and prices of parts online, which are instantly and directly updated by the Impormovil warehouse.
  5. 5. Proximity
    The Sales and Professional Distribution department collaborates with over 60 distributors. Contact us to find out how close we are to you.

If you are a spare part shop, entrepreneur or professional and you would like to belong to a larger group of professionals supported by Impormovil, contact us.

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