Service Prices

All prices displayed on the website are without VAT, taxes and fees, and without the packaging (casco?) price.

For the sale of spare parts, 21% VAT is applied, and is shown at the bottom of the invoice along with the applicable tax base.

Some parts are subject to fees or taxes to compensate the cost of their recycling; in the case of oil there is a tax called ”ECOTASA”, and in tyre sales the tax is called “SIGNUS”.

The prices on the website do not include the applicable taxes and fees for each case.

Customers will see upon receiving the invoice for merchandise that it is marked with the said taxes.

Some products, such as alternators, starter motors, transmissions and turbos, have an extra charge for their packaging (casco?); to find out whether your chosen product has an extra cost for packaging for example, don’t hesitate to contact our network of branches.

In some cases, in order to satisfy the customer’s needs, Impormovil must urgently order merchandise from third parties, and these orders may incur extra costs that will be added to the “POSTAGE” field of the invoice; in all these cases, Impermovil will ask permission from the customer before starting the order process.

Impormovil will inform customers in the event of the merchandise packaging being charged to the customer.