Services and Spare Parts

servicios-recambios-1For all these years our objective has been that of providing Spanish garages and part workshops the highest number of car parts and services.

We are still experts both in import and domestic vehicles.

Our warehouses have the widest range of products in Mechanics, Bodywork, Electronics and Lighting, Paint, Tyres, Parts for Manfacturers of Asian Cars and Glasswork.

We work with the original manufacturers and we demand the highest quality of them in after sales products and services; in turn, we take care of the rest of services that ensure that the part you need is in your garage or shop without fail, as soon as possible.

The evolution of the car industry has encouraged garages to introduce new tools and work equipments, and for this reason Impormovil added products and services to its range, offering its customers everything they need to carry out their work in the garage.

metaltech1Metaltech is our own exclusive brand of high performance products. Metaltech makes everything from batteries, paint, and anti-freeze liquid, to oil and lubricants. We offer products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices on the market. Here you pay for the quality, not for the brand.

sebring1As well as the leading tyre brands, we also work with our own brand, Sebring. It is an economical brand, but which maximises quality. The customer will walk away satisfied, because they will have a European product at a very affordable price.
equipart1Equipart is a synonym of quality in the bodywork industry. Vehicles that incorporate parts by this company arguably carry parts of the same quality as the original.