Temot International

icon-temot2As a member of Temot International we offer our customers a variety of added value to the product. Our managers and those of all the companies that make up this conglomerate work together, within their specific fields, to share experience and knowledge that enable to create teams in constant improvement for each area.

Specific solutions for particular problems.

  1. Why Temot International?
    Because we see ourselves as a group of companies that is concerned with offering our customers something more than a simple economic transaction, that is, we do not just want to offer a a good product at competitive prices, but we also want to help our customers to strive in the difficult industry of car parts. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.
  2. Who is part of Temot International?
    Temot International is made up of an international group of companies, which are all dedicated to car part distribution and leaders of their respective markets.
  3. How does Temot International work?
    Temot International’s work is above all based on offering its customers a variety of added value to the product. To do this, the managers of all the members of Temot International work together with the managers of the other companies, always within their specific fields, to create teams in constant improvement for each area.

    • Each member of these teams brings experience and knowledge that enrich the others, enabling these people to aquire a much wider, and therefore much more efficient, vision.


    • During these forums, a debate is held on the existing problems of each market and and the possible solutions to be adopted; joint actions are agreed and small work groups are organised, destined to resolve specific problems.


    • All this enables each member of Temot to bring specific solutions to particular problems that affect their customers, and to ensure these solutions are not just stopgaps, but long-term solutions.

We like supporting our customers’ success.