Warehouses and Branches

almacenes-1We have over 60,000 m² of warehouse space made up of a Main Warehouse, a Logistic Centre in Catalonia, and 45 Branches throughout the country.

In our Warehouses and Branches you will find not only car parts, but also the basis of our success: over 400 professionals. These are people who have remained loyal to the company and to you for the past 25 years, professionals with proven experience who have not let you down over these years, and who continuously endeavour to guarantee that our commercial relationship does not fail.

almacenes-2For over 35 years we have been serving bodywork, glasswork and mechanic garages in various professional categories, from the most demaning to those starting up without experience.

The 400 people who work at Impormóvil do so for each and every one of these businesses to have an associate, an ally in the spare part industry that makes their daily work easier, provides them with quality parts on time and in the best condition on the market.